Private Investigations

Business Loss Prevention Resolution

Often a small business will be faced with an internal or external loss and don't possess the resources to resolve it on their own. We have the expereince and equipment to identify the cause, stop continued loss, and assist you in recovering compensation for the damages caused to your business.


If you have a concern about a situation or the actions of a person, a surveillance will often give you the answers you need to make an informed decision. You choose the dates and times when you want the person or location under surveillance and we do the rest. You will be provided with quality video that includes a time/date stamp along with a detailed written summary of events. The person or location being observed will not be aware they are under surveillance.

Interview of a Witness or Suspect

There are times when you may want to hear from a person who witnessed an incident or determine if an employee who works for you has been dishonest. We have been professionally trained in a method of interview technique known as Wicklander-Zulawski Interview and Interrogation. This gives us a strong edge when sitting down with someone and greatly increases the likelihood of getting you the answers you are looking for, as well as the restitution for past losses that you deserve.

Asset Tracking

We provide sophisticated asset tracking utilizing GPS technology. If the Owner of a vehicle seeks to better understand it's movements we can provide those answers. Our devices track location and speed to give our clients peace of mind. If a client would rather have a snapshot of time monitored instead of long term monitoring, we offer week by week device rental plans.


Fraud occurs in many forms, both in business and personal transactions between two parties. If you believe another party has intentionally deceived you causing a financial loss through a complex or simple transaction we can help.   

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